Professional Services

professional services

Leveraging many years of experience working with
global organizations in the African region, Aristack solutions prides itself in
its ability to be able to provide on-time , on-budget implementation of Calypso

structured and well supported implementation is essential for the successful
lifecycle of any software solution. With over 35 years of combined
experience and over 10
implementations, Aristack Solutions
masters the methodology and services to fully support the implementation of Calypso software, whether a single or
multi branch deployment. With a standardised methodology and and a well-rounded knowledge of the region,
Aristack Solutions brings
essential knowledge and experience to help organisations effectively implement
the Calypso software.


Below are the packages under our professional services offering


Greenfield Implementation

A new
implementation of Calypso, enables complete re-engineering and
process simplification. This is
achieved by adopting the Calypso Standard Reference Model and the invaluable
assets of many years of best practice across the globe.

This approach lets organizations predefine
migration objects and best practices. It lowers Time-to-Value and TCO and
facilitates faster adoption of innovation


Upgrade and Version Rebase

An upgrade can be needed for several reasons. It
may be for new functionalities that are not available in thecurrent version and
that cannot be backported. It may be also for technical reason, getting the
last version of Calypso is also a way to technically update the client system, this ease the
integration of new modules and new Core interfaces. There is also the question of the Calypso
support: old version of Calypso won’t be supported. Calypso supports the
current release, the immediate prior release or any previous release issued
during the previous twenty-four months. (Extended Support services exist for a
limited period, as a fee-based option).


Health Check (Functional
& Technical)

Calypso is a very flexible and configurable product. As configurations increase in
complexity and volumes accumulate throughoutthe years, performance may gradually degrade,
potentially reaching a point where the platformis unable to meet business
SLA’s. Calypso Smart Health Check is aproactive engagement that reviews key performance indicatorsin order to identify possible pointsthat require
remediation (i.e. “performance hot spots”)


Advisory Services

Aristack can provide our customers with on-demand expertise on
Calypso solution and implementation aspects on specific topics or
troubleshoot specific system behavior. This is delivered to clients by direct access to our team of experienced
SMEs. These consultants will
provide advisory and answers to customer inquiries or assist in troubleshooting
a non-productive environment in a variety of functional and technical aspects. 

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